Substance Abuse Counseling

Our passion for helping individuals and families struggling with substance abuse disorders has led us to develop and implement a comprehensive outpatient treatment.  We incorporate clinical assessments using both interviews and standardized assessment tools; individual therapy; family counseling; and parent coaching for our adolescent clients.  We also utilize routine and random urine drug analyses from an accredited and independent lab.

In addition to a comprehensive outpatient treatment, we are proud to have received training in one of the most highly regarded and empirically supported intensive outpatient models used at some of the best treatment centers in the country.  

Our therapists specialize in treating the following disorders:

Alcohol Use Disorder

Cannabis Use Disorder 

Hallucinogen Use Disorder

Inhalant Use Disorder 

Opioid Use Disorder 

Sedatives, Hypnotics, or Anxiolytics Use Disorder 

Stimulant Use Disorder 

Tobacco Use Disorder.

Learn more about commonly abused drugs.

Learn more about alcohol and drug abuse warning signs and symptoms.


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