Preparing for Your First Visit

Thank you so much for trusting our therapists at Lakeshore Counseling and Coaching, PLLC.  In order to complete our new patient registration process, you will register as a new patient, review and sign a professional disclosure statement, complete an assessment form, and review and sign Lakeshore Counseling and Coaching, PLLC intake documentation.  The steps and all necessary resources are provided below.

The following steps are only requested for new clients who have spoken with and have confirmed appointments with their therapist.  If you have yet to obtain a confirmed appointment, please call us at 704-896-9405 or email [email protected].  

Step 1:  Click on your therapist below.  If you are unable to click on your therapist, you must contact your therapist directly and request a new patient registration link be sent to you.

Darryl Brown, Jr. MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCS

Amber Lynn, MA, LCMHCA, NCC

Anthony DeRiso, MA, LCMHC

Sivan Levine, MA, LCMHC-A, LCAS-A

Step 2: Click on the link to register as a new patient or the link to log into a previously created account.

Step 3: Complete identifying information page.

Step 4: Complete the insurance information page AND be sure to upload a copy of your insurance card.

Step 5: Complete the credit card authorization form. 

Step 6: Complete the reason for services page.

Step 7: Retrieve your registration link from your email and click to be taken to the client portal link.

Step 8: Create a username and password.

Step 9: Provide authorization.

Step 10: Click the "View Client Documents" link AND complete ALL "required" forms and complete ONE of the following that best fits your situation: Adult Intake (over 18 individual counseling), Child and Adolescent (under 18 individual counseling) or Couples Questionnaire (marital/relationship counseling).

Thank you so much for trusting the therapists at Lakeshore Counseling and Coaching.  We are excited to partner with you in your journey.


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