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Life is not always easy. Sometimes life is challenging because of circumstances related to our actions; sometimes these challenges are a result of circumstances beyond our control. Regardless, these circumstances do not define us. Rather, it is our response to these circumstances that determines our course. Our passion is working with individuals and families who are facing these storms. At Lakeshore Counseling and Coaching, we have a stong and balanced team of therapists that love walking with our clients through these storms and into a bright new day. It is our sincere hope that each person that we come in contact with will learn not just to weather and survive these storms but rather to conquer and overcome them.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Please call 704-896-9405 for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.


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