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Substance Abuse Counseling

We are proud to serve you with clinicians who are dually licensed and possess licenses in marriage and family therapy or professional counseling and substance abuse counseling.  All of our substance abuse counselors possess years of substance abuse treatment experience and are distinguished by not only possessing licenses to practice but licenses to supervise other clinicians working in addictions field.  We understand that addiction rarely affects only the person struggling with addiction.  Addiction has a long reaching effect and creates a significant impact on those that are most important to us.  Our therapists have a passion for helping not only the individual struggling with addiction but helping to improve relationships that may have been broken or strained due to the addiction.  Our therapists specialize in treating the following disorders:

Alcohol Use Disorder

Cannabis Use Disorder 

Hallucinogen Use Disorder

Inhalant Use Disorder 

Opioid Use Disorder 

Sedatives, Hypnotics, or Anxiolytics Use Disorder 

Stimulant Use Disorder 

Tobacco Use Disorder.

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