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About Our Practice

We feel that Lakeshore Counseling is different than most other practices in our area.  We do things differently and we do things differently for a reason.  We understand the therapy process.  We understand the anxiety of finding the right therapist, of making the first phone call, and coming to the first session.  We know that seeking therapy is often not an easy choice, and we strive to make this decision one of the best you have made for yourself or your family.  Here are just a few things that we do differently that we feel sets us apart.


  • All of our clinicians possess full unrestricted licenses to practice in North Carolina; and many possess multiple licenses, terminal degrees, or are recognized and approved supervisors in their field.  This is important because this signifies that our clinicians have experience and training that other clinicians may lack.  While we appreciate counselors who are working through the provisional licensure period, we are proud that all of our clinicians have already obtained the necessary experience and training for full licensure prior to beginning their work with us.  Lakeshore is not a proving ground for clinicians who are working towards earning their full licensure.  We have chosen to partner with therapists who have already proven themselves in the counseling field and who have the licensure and experience to best serve our clients.  


  • We do not utilize a receptionist.  We do this by design.  While we do employ support staff and appreciate their work, we choose to have our clinicians answer the phone.  This is important to us because we understand that the initial phone call is the first part of the therapeutic journey.  We want you to know that we are here for you and that we will be with you from the start to the end of your therapeutic journey.  Even if you speak with another counselor on the phone, you will have the power to choose the therapist you would like to work with and be able to speak with your therapist prior to the first appointment.  


  • All phone calls are returned within 12 hours and in the same day.  This really blows our minds.  We cannot tell you the number of times we are told that we are the only therapist to return a phone call in a timely manner.  We pride ourselves on being accessible.  As we do not employ a receptionist, we are sometimes in a session when you call.  With that in mind, we make it a priority to return all phone calls by the end of the day. 


  • We have a private, welcoming, and comfortable waiting room.  Our waiting room is stocked with coffee, cold water, and snacks to help you to relax as you prepare for your appointment.  Our waiting room is designed so that clients leaving are unable to see clients who are waiting.  We do this to protect your privacy and make your therapeutic experience more private and personal.  


  • Our practice offers morning, evening, and weekend appointments.  We understand that the therapy process takes time away from work, family, and other commitments.  While we recognize the importance of prioritization, we also want to make therapy as accessible as possible for those with demanding schedules.  We provide morning, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate those whose who have other commitments that would otherwise conflict with more traditional office hours.  


  • We do not use reviews or testimonials.  The ethical guidelines we abide by discourage testimonials for among other reasons privacy concerns.  We do not solicit reviews from our clients because the therapy experience is about our clients--not us and not our business marketing.  We also do not manipulate reviews by using family or friends to boost our ratings.  We strive to provide the best services and let our work speak for itself.  



As you can see, there is not one major difference that sets our practice apart.  We feel that by paying attention to the little things, that we have been able to create a practice and therapy experience that is truly centered around our client's care.  We have discovered that finding a therapist is easy.  Finding a quality therapist in a quality practice can be a challenge.  We hope to make that challenge easier by ensuring that our therapists and our practice meet high standards that will provide our clients the best possible therapy experience.
















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